• Google to make ‘significant’ changes to avoid EU fine


    Google has promised to make “significant” changes to how rivals appear in search results in an attempt to avoid a multi-billion euro fine. The latest changes should be sufficient to end a three-year investigation into the search company, the EU’s competition commissioner said. Google had been accused of giving favourable treatment to its own products […]

  • IBM Reports Full Year 2013 Earnings

    IBM reported its fourth quarter and full year fiscal 2013 results late Tuesday, showing continued declines in its hardware business, as software and cloud initiatives move the other way. For the quarter, IBM reported revenue of $27.7 billion, which is a five percent year-over-year decline. Net Income for the quarter was reported at $6.2 billion […]

  • How to Make Your Google Account More Secure


    It seems like every other month that a major online service has its password database stolen, starting a new ripple effect as hackers try out the compromised passwords on other online services. While the obvious solution would be to stop using the same password on different websites, two-factor authentication is a viable and far stronger alternative. If you […]

  • New App Rids Your Twitter of Spambots and Your Facebook of Stale ‘Likes’

    You’ve probably used Ajax to clean your bathroom before. Now you can use it to clean up your social media accounts. The household cleaning and detergent brand has introduced an app called Ajax Social Wipes that rids your Twitter and Facebook of followers that do nothing but spam you, and also searches for Facebook pages […]

  • Bing Translator App Updated With Speech Input

    bing translate

    Here’s a scenario – you find yourself in Rome after a week long party across Europe that has left you lost and alone. You can book a room for the night, but you don’t know any Italian. Good thing you have your Windows Phone on your person with an updated Bing Translator app. Bing announced on […]

  • You May Soon Be Able To Buy And Sell Products Directly On Twitter


    Soon, businesses may be able to sell products directly on Twitter as the company is reportedly in the final stages of making a deal with payments startup Stripe. This according to Re/Code, citing people familiar with the deal, which is not yet complete. Neither company is commenting, but this would be a move that we’ve seen […]

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